Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death

I was cutting an avocado yesterday when the sneaky fruit jumped out of my hands thus causing the knife I was using to wreak havoc all over my finger.
As blood poured out of the wound I felt dizzy and said "I'm fainting". It was at this point that Mr. Sal stepped in and caught me while saying "YOU'RE OKAY" as the spinning room came to a halt. "Oh Moooooom", Will said as I regained composure... AvACAAAdo. Oh Moooom. So, while I have pretty much recovered from this little incident in time, Will is still talking about how the avocado practically ripped my hand off.... But wouldn't that have been INTENSE? What if that ACTUALLY HAPPENED. It wouldn't be unlike anything else that you don't predict or expect to happen... from bad hair days to natural disasters.. But what we can take from the avocado is the fact that it tried to hurt me and we all reacted. We all tried to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. And its a good thing too, because avocados are 10 for $10 at the store these days so that's all we're eating.

It isn't unlike the series of events that happened AFTER the avocado... we moved on, eating lunch. We went outside and played. We picked up sticks. We threw the ball to Blue. We wandered about. And then we came inside... only to have Will stop dead in his tracks upon seeing the piles of avocados on the shelf. "OHhhh Mooooom... AvACAAAdo." And then at the market again this morning... "OHhhh Mooom, Wook - CAAAAADOS", as if the beastly little buggers were about to launch an attack... But who knows, maybe they were... MAYBE they are all downstairs RIGHT NOW in the kitchen planning tonight's blood bath--GET HER!! But it was only Will's now burned on the brain memory of this little incident that has us all living in fear of what will happen next.

And what did happen next?

I sat down with a glass of wine at the end of the day and perused the channels for something to take my mind off of it all when I came across this tasty delight:

Kiefer Sutherland, Paula Patton (2008) A former cop must protect his family from an evil force that uses mirrors to cross over into their home. (1:52) Horror (R)

I ran to the kitchen to grab a pen... completely bypassing the avocados. This was too good to pass up. Not only was Kiefer about to answer ALL OF MY QUESTIONS, but he too was in the midst of being tortured by something that he COULD NOT CONTROL. It was then that I realized that the pure description of this movie could be applied to ANYTHING - even the avocados.

So as I sit here, polishing off my guacamole extravaganza, licking every finger that isn't injured, I have to say that tiny little incidents of near disaster are sometimes okay -- because the victory can be as meaningless as you want to make it.... As the forces of evil hover, and wait.  

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