List Shangri La (la la la)

And here we are. A new year. Fresh. New. Untouched. Unaffected. And oddly -- feeling almost exactly like it did last year.

But that's not reason to worry. Feeling the same as it did less than a week ago isn't a bad thing, right? We aren't supposed to run around changing EVERYTHING immediately, right? I mean... I suppose there are freaks people out there that say "I'M CHANGING, DAMMIT" and then, BOOM, everything is different. There's nothing seemingly wrong with taking our time. Deciding that we want to do something, think about it... patiently... toil over the details while moving in slow motion. Quietly making the necessary adjustments before we LEAP FORWARD into new things. And I know you were picturing a graceful gazelle just now as I said 'LEAP FORWARD'... because we are talking about the visions in my mind -- and you need to see things as I'm seeing them if we are going to embark on anything together -- and in no way am I referencing a leap "year". Because I don't think I could handle losing one entire day in 2012. No. No empty, invisible, take-away days -- because this is going to be the YEAR OF ME. And you're coming too.

I'm thinking about making some changes, and since these are life long -- they do NOT fall into the evil and ever-failing RESOLUTIONS category. And -- I'm not just talking about the small stuff, like this is the last Coca Cola I will EVER drink. No. I'm talking about things that would normally fall on a "Life List", which is something that I have mentioned in "They're safe easy to clean and do not cause unpleasant buffeting", (those were the days)... I'm talking about speeding up the process and, for almost the first time ever, TAKING MYSELF SERIOUSLY. Like -- No more soda really means NO MORE HIGH FRUCTOSE ANYTHING.... And, while we're at it, LEARN TO WINDSURF. But there really isn't a rhyme or reason to any of this. AND I'm going big, at least for me. Way beyond the Ten Its. My attempts to formulate a list of things that I want to accomplish in the next 40-50 years (if I'm lucky) ranges from the absurd -- Sleep through the night... to the mundane -- Put Christmas away... to the balls out impossible -- DO SOMETHING BIGger than before (I'm open for suggestions). So, I'm speeding it up and giving myself 365 days -- although I've already lost 4 in the planning stage. So, starting NOW. Okay. After I finish this coke.

And I know. YEAR OF ME, sounds kind of selfish and completely unoriginal. And I totally agree. I completely ripped the idea off from The Summer of George on a Seinfeld rerun the other night. Only -- as we all know, the Summer of George was a failed endeavor which saw Mr. Costanza in rehabilitation to regain his ability to walk. I know. NOT FUNNY. But it totally was. Even after watching it for the 40,000th time. His only mistake was that he attempted to do it all alone. Of which, I would never do. Because, yes. I love you too.

And so... as I need to get going on a few things. I am starting the list right now. Please note that this list will change -- grow and hopefully shrink with cross-outs as I SUCCEED AT EVERYTHING I TRY. Also, please note that from the boring to the laugh your ass off NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN items all fall in no particular order. Because, that, my friends is life.

  • Read all the books in my house before buying new ones
  • Quit High Fructose Everything
  • Breathe while eating and enjoy every bite
  • Walks
  • Share a picture everyday
  • Teach Will to read
  • Teach Jo to walk AND talk
  • Not so much spending
  • Learn to Windsurf
  • Redesign this Blog
  • Travel with the Kids
  • Relearn CPR
  • More NYC
  • Go fishing
  • Will's Kitchen, the book
  • Bronx Zoo
  • Write a Screenplay
  • Find the right babysitter (and hire her/him)
  • Find my Medium
  • Garden. For real.
  • Go to the Openings
  • Turn conversational Spanish into fluent
  • Make edible egg free pasta
  • Meet Martha
  • Get Jo to sleep in her own bed
  • Take more pictures
  • Find the right, regular, paying gig
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