As routine as our mornings become...

Some days just can't be duplicated...On our way to school today....

"Mom. Why do the clouds move?"

"Well.... the wind blows them around. Look at the clouds today -- don't they look like the comforter on your bed?"

"Yes, they... They look like a big mattress!"

"Yes, you're right -- all puffy..."

"And COMFY! I bet they're bouncy. I bet the man that drives the sun is laying on them."

"The man that drives the sun?"

"Yes -- he's friends with the man in the moon. He sleeps ALL THE TIME."


"Yes, but the sun is too hot. Like the radiator in the little bathroom."

"I know. That radiator is hot .... but the sun is a million times warmer..."

"MOM. I touched that radiator last night and it was really hot."

"You shouldn't touch it."

(after a minute of thought while driving past McDonald's)

"Mom. Did you need to go into Old McDonald's today?"

"No.... Dad bought me a coffee this morning."

"Oh. Well. MOM."


"If you need a coffee sometime and Dad doesn't get you one, you can just go to the Old McDonald's drive-thru."

"That's true, Will."

"If Dunkin' Dounuts had a drive-thru, then you would go there, right?"


"Maybe tomorrow Dad won't bring you coffee?"



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