How to delete Facebook

I went online this morning to look up how to beat Pneumonia, but apparently it isn't on the top of Google's list... But WHY NOT?  Because, Will is currently moaning after every Pneumonic cough. Josephine is coughing as well, but with only a cold we hope. And I -- well let's just say that I'm attempting to keep my head above the sea of mucus that I'm currently drowning in. Gross, I know... And apparently -- Google doesn't really know anything about priorities, although deleting Facebook might find us a healthier society... you know, one that doesn't obsess over Superbowl commercials staring Clint Eastwood.

I'd say that I'm going to do something about this... get angry and mad that it always seems to be ME searching for the answers when there are so few. But no. I'm tired... SO VERY TIRED. So, here... while we're getting better, this is what we looked like last week -- when life was fair and noses were simply running and Dirty Harry was, well.... DIRTY.

Currently accepting love and sympathy at an arms distance.


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